Why should you become a Nordic Domain Days Partner?

We have been bringing the industry together for many years. To meet, discuss, and learn from each other. And to do business of course! All in an environment that fosters opportunities to renew old friendships and find new connections...

We strive to build the best programs and throw the best social events. Always making sure to give our participants and partners excellent ways of connecting. Your support as an event Partner ensures that this can continue! We do not aim to make a big profit. As an independent business, we cover the conference costs via ticket sales and what our partners decide to contribute.

Benefits of being a Nordic Domain Days Partner

  • Showcase your brand and products
  • Reach Registries, Registrars, Resellers and Services providers
  • Create a memorable impression for all participants
  • Support the Northern European Domain Industry
  • Make sure you can enjoy the Nordic Domain Days to it's fullest
  • Ensure that NDD will continue to gather the best in the industry

Our partners are always upfront and centre and we appreciate your support . Making sure that you get value from your contribution is key for the people working on our events. We do not have a big team, nor do we misspend your contributions. Instead, we put it to good use. Ensuring that Nordic Domain Days becomes the best it can be for you and the people you want to meet. For many more years.

So, why should you become a partner of Nordic Domain Days?

  • Showcase your brand and product to the industry
  • Connect with many industry businesses and people in the Nordic region
  • Support an independent business
  • Show your support for the industry

Our fifth event!

2022 marks seven years since the founding of Nordic Domain Days. And our fifth event. This also marks the first event as an independent conference. Up until 2019, Nordic Domain Days was part of the Swedish IT-Conference Internetdagarna. Which was hosted by Internetstiftelsen, the registry for the .se top-level domain. But, this is no longer the case, and we are now an independent domain industry conference. Of course, this makes it the perfect opportunity to support Nordic Domain Days as a partner.

The conference's core will stay the same. But we now have even more opportunities for you, and we plan on making this year's event even better than previous events. Partners will have more room to showcase themselves. Better ways of promoting industry-related products and services. And of course, event better social events to look forward to!

Back to meeting in person!

The world is still struggling with a pandemic. And while we are starting to see many things going back to something closer to normality, we are still far off. But, we believe that 2022 is the year when we can start meeting again. Taking all the precautions possible, of course. These extraordinary circumstances are reflected in our partner agreements. Where we offer a full refund, in the case of a cancellation due to COVID-19 related issues, up until our cutoff date. This is decided on by the venue, and is around 120 days before the event.

Reach out to us!

If you are considering becoming a Nordic Domain Days Partner, please should reach out to us. As an independent conference, we can sit down and talk about what you want to do, what you want to achieve with your presence, and what we can do together. Our contact information is available below, and we are waiting for an email from you!

Lars "LG" Forsberg
Founder and Curator of Nordic Domain Days

Nordic Domain Days

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Nordic Domain Days

Partner Packages

Digital Partner


  • 1 VIP Ticket
  • 5 Attendee Tickets
  • List of participants
  • Access to meeting lounge
  • Placement of merchandise
  • Featured in digital media
  • Featured on screens
Bronze Partner


  • 2 VIP Tickets
  • 10 Attendee Tickets
  • List of participants
  • Access to meeting lounge
  • Placement of merchandise
  • Featured in digital media
  • Featured on screens
  • Featured in print media
Silver Partner


  • 3 VIP Tickets
  • 15 Attendee Tickets
  • List of participants
  • Access to meeting lounge
  • Placement of merchandise
  • Featured in digital media
  • Featured on screens
  • Featured in print media
  • Small Booth in NDD #Expo
Gold Partner


  • 4 VIP Tickets
  • 20 Attendee Tickets
  • List of participants
  • Access to meeting lounge
  • Placement of merchandise
  • Featured in digital media
  • Featured on screens
  • Featured in print media
  • Medium Booth in NDD #Expo
  • Featured at Coffee or Lunch
Platinum Partner


  • 6 VIP Tickets
  • 25 Attendee Tickets
  • List of participants
  • Access to meeting lounge
  • Placement of merchandise
  • Featured in digital media
  • Featured on screens
  • Featured in print media
  • Featured on merchandise
  • Large Booth in NDD #Expo
  • Featured at social event


  • 8 VIP Tickets
  • 50 Attendee Tickets
  • List of participants
  • Access to meeting lounge
  • Placement of merchandise
  • Featured in digital media
  • Featured on screens
  • Featured in print media
  • Featured on merchandise
  • Large Booth in NDD #Expo
  • Featured at Social Event
  • Especially featured as Host!
  • Limited to 2 Partners (1 left!)



Host your own workshop and showcase your product in a private and personal setting.

Digital Messaging

Showcase your brand message with a 30 second long video on the event screens.

Brand Meeting Area

Place your branding on one or more tables in one of the event meeting areas.

Social Events

Sponsor one of the social events to add your specific flare to the evening.

Board Room Meetings

Book a boardroom to meet in private with important clients and partners.

Special Event

Put on your own show for a group of customers or potential partners.

Pick up the tab

Promote your message at one of the informal after work get-togethers.

The sky is the limit

Can't find that one thing that gives value to you? Reach out to us!
Want to do something really special?

Read More About Special
Events Down Below!

Digital Partner €2.500

The digital partner package is for those who want to show support for the event and region of the industry. It includes the bare minimum of partnership benefits but still goes a long way to making sure you enjoy Nordic Domain Days to the fullest!

Benefits of Digital Partner package

The digital partner packages include Attendee tickets, a few VIP tickets, your logo featured in digital media, on screens as well as access to the meeting lounge, and the option to place your merchandise in areas identified by Nordic Domain Days staff.

Silver Partner €5.500

The Silver partner package is the lowest cost package that includes a booth in the NDD #Expo. That in and of itself makes this package attractive if you want to show off your products and or services.

Benefits of the Silver partner package

The Silver package includes all the perks from the Bronze package, plus unlimited Attendee tickets (subject to availability), an additional VIP ticket, and the booth that you need!

Platinum Partner €10.000

Have you got big plans to showcase at NDD #Expo? Do you want to be the sponsor of a social event? Then platinum is the package for you! Adding unique cocktails or treats to that social event is an option, so let us know if you are interested in that!

Benefits of the Platinum partner package

Bringing the party to Nordic Domain Days is the honor of a select few! Other than that, the package adds more tickets, a logo featured on official merchandise, as well as the bigger booth size!

Board Room Meeting From €150

Do you have a very important client or partner that you need to meet with in private. Then our board room style meeting localities are perfect for you! Access to the room is booked ongoing so make sure to connect with us regarding your booking as early as possible.

What does it include?

The board room style meeting localities is sized for eight people in comfortable chairs, with access to a screen for presentations.

What will it cost?

  • 60 minutes: €150
  • 90 minutes: €200
  • 120 minutes: €250

In case you are in need of a dedicated meeting room for the entire length of the conference, this can also be arranged in one of our workshop rooms for up to 12 people. The cost for this would be €2400.

Special Event From €1000

Do you want to host a dinner, meeting, or event for your customers on the days leading up to or after Nordic Domain Days? Then look no further! Our staff will help you find and book the perfect venue for you and your guests!

Nordic Domain Days has always tried to include as many as possible in our social events. Still, we do realize that sometimes you want to break off from the crowd to have that smaller, more intimate dinner, that important meeting, or hang out with your customers. We can make all that happen!

What can we do for you?

  • Give suggestions based on outlined event
  • Find and book local venues based on your wishes
  • Help you cater to specific needs during your event
  • List of confirmed participants so you know who to invite

What will it cost?

Helping you host a special event is a service reserved for Nordic Domain Days partners. The service itself will cost from €1000 and includes five hours of staff time used to help set up your event. Once the five hours are spent, we charge an additional €140 per hour. Our staff will not attend your event unless specifically asked for, in which case their time is billed according to the hourly rate.

Bronze Partner €3.500

The bronze package has one up on the digital partners as it includes printed media, which will mean that you get to be showcased on printed materials such as leaflets, rollups, and booth walls placed by our staff.

Benefits of the Bronze partner package

The Bronze package includes every perk from the digital partnership and a few extra Attendee tickets, an additional VIP ticket, and the much valued printed media feature as described above.

Gold Partner €7.500

The Gold partner package trumps the Silver by one, in this case, by making you the sponsor of a coffee break or lunch. Want to add a branded fork or a gift to be handed out with the treats? Let us know!

Benefits of the Gold partner package

Above the pure goodness of being the sponsor of a snack, the Gold package includes all the perks of the Silver package and adds an additional VIP ticket!

Host €20.000

The Host partner package is the pinnacle of supporting the Nordic Domain Days of 2022. You will be featured as a Host of the conference alongside Internetstiftelsen, our long standing benefactor and Nordic Domain Days itself. We will also go to great length to include your wishes in our planning of NDD 2022.

Benefits of the Host partner package

This package includes everything the other packages give you and more! Among other things, you have the pick of booth placement in the NDD #EXPO. Are you missing something? Tell us, and we will get right on it!

Limited to 2 Partners (1 left)

Workshop From €1200

Do you want to host a workshop for a specific group of attendees? At the Nordic Domain Days venue, we have access to a number of different rooms suitable for such an event and they are available to you in slots of three hours during the entire event.

To make sure that the workshops does not make it hard for attendees to pick what content to partake in, the Nordic Domain Days team will schedule technical workshops during the first day of the event and business / policy oriented workshops during the second day.

What can we do for you?

  • Arrange for access to a suitable room.
  • Announce your workshop to attendees.
  • Help with any specific needs for the workshop.
  • List of confirmed participants for specific invites.

What will it cost?

The cost of hosting a workshop is primarily based on the cost of the localities you wish to use for your workshop. Pricing for the different sizes are:

  • Up to 12 people: €900
  • Up to 24 people: €1250
  • Up to 45 people: €1800
  • Up to 90 people: €3400

The prices mentioned above gives access to the localities for three hours with early access available depending on if the room was booked in the slot before.

Want to know more?

Contact the Nordic Domain Days team for more information about becoming a Nordic Domain Days Partner!

Not what you are looking for?

Nordic Domain Days offers a wide range of opportunities while this page only lists the basic options. Is there something specific you would like to do as a partner? Then contact us using the information above!